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July 2013

A New Year and a New Camera !!

It seems odd to be writing this up as I sit here in a short sleeved polo shirt, with the air-conditioner on, to keep out the early Summer heat, but here's my Christmas and New Year report :-)

As has become our habit we celebrated Christmas at home with my home cooked Western-style Christmas dinner, the Doctor Who Christmas special and this year's Christmas movie of choice - the rather good 'Arthur Christmas' (the 'Muppet Christmas Carol' is still the number one Christmas movie thought).


Outside our flat though you would have been hard pressed to find any sign of Christmas spirit in Imazu, so we decided to make an overnight trip to Osaka for the German Christmas market again.


We also combined this with a return visit to the Sky Building, which was nice as the last time we were there was in 2009 when we'd only just started dating (I was still calling Haru by the her full name, 'Harumi', back then).


These were almost the last photos I took with my old camera (a Fujifilm Finepix F300) as well, though I did take it out one more time after that for a Satoyama group meeting where I snapped these pictures.


I was time to retire the trusty F300 though. Recently I'd run into a number of problems with it (not focusing correctly, the protective shutter not opening or closing correctly) and I was already itching to upgrade a bit. (I should say that these problems were mostly likely due to excessive use, often in not very camera friendly environs, and that overall I was very happy with that camera.) It was simply time to move on, so I decided to invest a bit more and go semi-pro with a micro four thirds digital camera. So here are some trial shots from my first couple of trips out with my new Olymus E PL5 Pen; which I'm now going to ramble on about for a bit.

Firstly a few Macro mode shots of various things we passed as we walked up to a local waterfall. I got to play with the touch screen auto-focus for the first time here, which can give a really nice depth of field.


A few hero shots to mark our not-so-epic ascent to the falls.


Some portraits taken sneakily with the aid of, something totally new no me, a second lens! Switching lenses, and not having any digital zoom, will take some getting used to.


However, I did discover, when I took these photos on the lakeside a few days later, that even though I have to get closer to the subject the resulting photo is better quality and can stand more close cropping than I could do before.


A few more macro shots where I was playing with some of the art and colour filters available.


Lastly, some photos taken at the Lake Biwa Museum. This was a good chance to play around with the manual settings for the aperture and shutter speed. This let me get some pretty good shots of both fast moving water birds, and the huge sturgeon in a rather dark tank. These photos are much better than the ones I took on my last visit, and many are almost frame for frame the same so I could compare.



I still feel like I'm learning how to use this camera, but I am mostly using the manual aperture and shutter settings and quick menus (for stuff like white balance) which gives great control and scope. I'm very pleased the hardware and think that when I fully learn how to use it I'll be able to take some photos I couldn't have managed before.

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