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Out of Slovakia

The end is near, I leave tomorrow....

Tomorrow is my last full day here in Slovakia. It's been emotionally mixed; sad, when it finally hit me that this is really it, I might never be back here, but also full of happiness because of all the care and help that my good friends here have given me with a difficult move.

So, special thanks to Vlado and Paula for moving all my things, to Sasa, Miso and Kate for driving and my dog to the airport in Vienna and also to Nada for... well, so much help - I really appreciate all you've done for me and your friendship :-)

Anyway, before this begins to sound like an Oscar acceptance speech, I also have some photos to share! Vlado and Paula took me for a last trip to the Tatras a couple of weeks ago. For the non-Slovaks reading this - The Tatras are the mountain range that form a border between Slovakia and Poland, it's divided into several parts (High, Low and West Tatras) and is generally a very nice place where a lot of tourists go for hiking trips in Summer and Skiing in Winter.


To see the all the pictures you can look here


I also finally took the time to go and take a few photographs of the centre of Kosice. When I first moved here I didn't have a camera and later I'd been living here so long it didn't seem important to take photos - but now in my last weeks I went to the main street and took a few pictures to share with you all :-)


Again follow the link for the full gallery


OK, that's all for now. I'll try and take some photos during the London training too as I really want this to be a record of everything that a JET does during their time with the scheme. I've also decided to try and take one photo of myself everyday during my time in Japan so I can make one of those nice little time elapse videos at the end of it all - though I'll probably forget after 2 or 3 days!

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Bye for now,

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